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There is a discussion group on called “Give Icke the Mic”, and I posted this in response to someone asking if David Icke is “reptillian”:

Re: Is David Icke a Lizzy??? Complexity of motivations:

By the very fact that we all are here, is a testament to the idea that we share something in our soul so common, that we overlook the fact that we share it. We have a common motivation… most mammals. We have a basic instinct as we live, to be “good little mammals”. And we are very mammalian-centric in our understanding of the motives of other life-forms.
What I’m saying, is, that it will be difficult for us to understand the motivations of other races, and that we *can’t* understand their motivations, until we find what we have in common with alien/ets/othe races. And what we have in common may be things we don’t yet know how to describe, even within ourselves. It’s a little like asking a fish to describe water, and then asking said fish to expound on what he thinks other creatures swim in… when we know that not all creatures even swim, and some even fly.
I think that when we finally do have contact with our reptilian counterparts, we fill ascribe very simple, mammalian-centric motives to them…. and be confused when our understandings don’t predict their actions.
So, David Icke could be a very benevolant reptile… or something like that. He could be very benevolant, but still he might have motivations that would give us the heebee-jeebees. All sharks are benevolant… until they bite your leg off… and what if it was a leg that had bone cancer, and he did you a favor?
I think, from the standpoint of causality, that at the top of the pyramid of motivations of races and individuals, is the idea that a soul’s “orientation” filters through its physical body’s neurobiological disposition. By orientation, I mean that all souls recognizable by us can be said to be more or less either self-serving, or trying to “help his fellow man”. I’m not the first to say this… I read this in “The Law of One” (a channelled piece by RA. I don’t make a habit of referencing channeled material, but I must say it makes a lot of sense in this case).
Reptiles would certainly have a different take on how to help your fellow man, versus a mammal, because we have very different brains. It could become very complicated from there… reptiles whose brains had evolved to be very mammalian… Mammals with over-active medula-oblongotas…
You guys still with me here on this????
I’ll eventually get around to telling you the stories behind my ideas, and that will be more useful than my conclusions.
Time for me to go and be a good little mammal now…

– Chad May

Exobiologically Egocentric.

If you make a long enough, latin-sounding word of an idea, does it automatically gain more credibility?
I hope someone comes-up with some better name for what I’m about to say:

Yesterday, November 24, 2005, I was cruising the ‘Net for comments for and against George Green (He is famous for his interraction with Billy Meiers and for speaking of the NWO).

I came across a long treatise that was a synopsis of many individual’s input on the diversity and number of ET’s that presently interract with Earth.

And that’s when I found “The LaCerta Files”. This has been an epiphany for me, even if the LaCerta files are a hoax. By the way, Google LaCerta and it means “Lizard” .

Basically, a Swedish Earth woman is given the opportunity to “interview” a reptillian/mammalian humanoid creature, who explains that she is interested in seeing what the long-term effects will be of her coming-forward and giving information to said Swedish woman. The story has a few elements which I think make it likely to be a hoax, but I can honestly say that I would like to believe the story. Even if a hoax, it made me “see” things differently, about human origins and our place both on this Earth and in the Universe.

LaCerta tells the woman that Humans are not the indigenous people of Earth, nor are they the rightful owners… so what, you say?

The important shift in thinking here is subtle yet profound. Before, I had an automatic belief that Humans were somehow the darling species of our planet… that our planet tolerates us, as do other ET’s, because we are somehow the Earth’s “children”. Children who are genetically manipulated, exploited, confused, etc, but somehow part of the original design of Earth. But I’ve changed that view for now.

How about this instead:
Earth is a planet that was intended to produce a reptilian humanoid first, with mammalian humanoids as an afterthought. Reptilian humanoids, regardless of what we think of them, were the first and are still the rightful “children” of the planet, destined to be an extension of the Planet itself… Earth’s zygotes. Humans, as we are today, are like a litter of kittens thrown on the doorstep, diseased and orphaned.

The reptilian humanoid body is a more likely one. It would be a more efficient design, biologically, and a single large brain would become intellectual more quickly than the mammalian “double-hemisphere” design. Mammals are a funny bunch, because our fragile nature and divided brain make us both more complex and more given to behaviors outside of the realm of survival and harmony, and evolution. But, with that said, mammals are lots of fun! We do the craziest things, and we probably make great entertainment. Anywho…
So we human mutants (keep in mind it is our physical form I’m being critical of, not the intrensic value of our souls) are a bunch that no one knows what to do with. We don’t belong anywhere. Too cute to kill, to deadly to take inside, so to say. But, definately loveable, if not by most, than at least by some of the other races. And, we provide a convenient place to send the souls currently screwing-up the more peaceful places in the Universe.

You see, other planets have figured-out that if you simply kill a “bad seed”, that you haven’t destroyed the energy of that individual. It will re-manifest somehow somewhere. So, they send these souls who keep stirring-up trouble to Earth. Penal colony of sorts. On Earth, there are plenty of other misfits, and saints in disguise to assist them in experimenting with ideas of harmony. I see people’s past lifes, and I see some pretty raunchy characters among us. But I digress.

I think that we, as Humans, tend to act as though we *belong* here and that the planet owes us something as its rightful offspring. Unfortunately, I think that is probably not true. The reptiles are to the planet, what we think we are. And the reptiles are tolerated, by other et’s, as we wish that we would be. The reptiles get to say, “It’s my planet”. When humans say this, the One’s who know snicker a bit, I think. Do et’s snicker? Let’s hope they have a twisted sense of humor, when you think of the plans to militarize space by Humans.

I’ve said a lot, and still I have said nothing at all. But, I have a new paradigm by which to feel my way through this world. I know nothing, suspect much, and am ever questioning.
In the end, wisdom is greater than all the knowledge ever attainable. Wisdom is transportable, knowledge is fixed.
Comments, anyone?

– Chad May

I see reptiles. In humans. Or, like a celluloid overlay of a reptilian form, super-imposed in my minds eye over/in the image I have of certain people.

There, I said it.

I also have an uncanny ability to spot pedophiles. Could these two abilities be related?

And I also see peoples’ past lives. Or, what seem to be their past lives. That gets into the idea that all existences are essentially simultaneous, but can be experienced “chronologically”.

I suppose this would best be explained if I were to start at the beginning, in a sort of “how it came to be” fashion.

So, I was 18 when I had my first past life recall. This seems to have made me more sensitive to the whole imagery in my mind of these sorts of surreal things.

About 6 months after my first past life recall, I was going to see Phyllis Molleen with my sweetheart, Lyn, when I had my first experience of seeing someone else’s past life. I was walking up Phyllis’s sidewalk, and in front of me walked a peculiar man, short in stature. I said hello to him, or somehow acknowledged his presence. And in that instant, I “saw” an image in my mind’s eye, like an overlay, of him as a small, large-eyed, bulb-headed alien. You know, the popular image of aliens (or what may easily be only one type). I was astounded. I had not seen many things in this visual way. And, then, to see such a sight, and wonder where the sense of knowing about it’s origin emanates. I was so shocked, that I just blurted out to him, “I just saw your past life, and you were one of those grey aliens.” He looked at me, rather unemotionally, and simply said, “oh, yes, I know. I’ve had many lifetimes on other planets.” Now, Phyllis had a very diverse clientele. I don’t care if he had been Sting, I still would have said what I said.

I thought a lot about the imagery, and what it felt like to have it, in the coming months. That kind of seeing things in my mind’s eye happened more and more, like a muscle becoming stronger through exercise. At first, I was just happy to use this new found toy. I didn’t really think about ignoring anything I perceived. Hey, it was all very interesting.

Then, there came the day I spotted a pedophile, in my mind’s eye, so to say. It was a politician, of sorts. Upon meeting him, I had this funny feeling/image of him. And, later found out about some trouble he had gotten into overseas, in Asia, with very young boys paid for homosexual favors. And then something clicked in my head, and I began to “see” pedophiles. On at least 5 different occasions, I have had my suspicions confirmed, either by the person or someone they tried to seduce.

And then one day, I happened to meet a woman suffering from schizophrenia. Among many of her beliefs, was one that a group of reptilian humanoids followed her around, and experimented upon her cruelly. You know, if you made me bet money on whether or not she had any accuracy, despite her mental illness, I would bet that she really was being bugged by some sort of reptilian bunch of baddies. Can’t someone be driven to insanity, if they experience something as bizarre as what she was claiming? How sane would any of us sound, if we were actually being used as guinea pigs by some alligator-like humanoids with a cruel sense of humor (as she reported).
While she was speaking to me, I had a flash where I saw her as a reptile-like humanoid form, and she was with a group of her own kind, traveling about, victimizing other people. It seemed as if she was reaping something she formally sowed. Oh, she is a whole ‘nuther story. But, I did see her in a past life, but as a non-human form. A “reptoid” if you will.

I have seen so many different past lives in people… I could write for hours about it. Some human, some not, and some I don’t know what the hell. But the reptilians are the most interesting to me. Some seem to be reptilian in their genetics. And some seem to be reptilian in their soul. And some seem to be both.

Now, this may just be some sort of visual cue that leads me to “visualize” people as such. I can and have thought of many normal theories to explain it. But, I must say, that my image of someone as being “reptilian” does serve a useful purpose.

When I see someone as a “reptile”, it seems to be a very accurate indicator that this person will be more egocentric and / or selfish than the average person. They are the antithesis of you common “Bubba” or more native type of individual. Incidentally, I *almost* never see an African (black) reptile. It seems to really favor us whiteys.

I can and will write more observations I have on this, but that will come later.

– Chad

By the time I create the category, and log-in to my blog, I seem to lose the energy to write what I was intending to write. I think I’ll just post the little blurb I wrote to a fellow Coast to Coast listener (you know, Art Bell / George Noory):
To Laurie, “Yep, them reptiles. Or, whatever they are. They are like a
“different” species of human, hiding amongst us… they don’t even
know who they are. Just, they aren’t happy unless they are exercising
power over someone’s life other than their own. The low-intelligence
ones are really kinda funny, in a dark humor sort of way. But, I

So, I think you could divide the world into 2 categories:
1.) Those who are content just to manage their own lives
2.) Those who are predisposed to control the lives of others

I think there is a genetic link somewhere to this. I think most indigenous people have a low occurence of the power freaks. Maybe they were killed-off and their gene dominance subsided (Tribes are known to kill those who seem destructive to the tribe, or at least they don’t get much nookie) Someday, I will have this conversation with an anthropologist who can really knows about the differences between native and western cultures.
I feel so stupid writing about this. I feel like I’m trying to paint a masterpiece with an oily rag dipped in watercolors. Maybe more later. Maybe.
– Chad, 10-27-05