Me from December 2004

I was born in 1968 in Nashville TN, and have lived here most of my life. I did, however, “leave the village” and I spent 3 years in Chemnitz, Germany. This was/is East Germany. Definately not Kansas, folks. Why was I there? That answer is for another entry.

I dabbled in tech school; but I could not tolerate the rote of the academic world to which I have been exposed. So, I have learned as much as time will allow on my own.

My primary interest in life is the nurturing of my two boys, Oliver and Nicholas. They are the stars of my life. Secondly, I would like to help the bringing-forth of suppressed technologies. Specifically, things which foster a modern day Utopia on this planet. NOW THAT is a very long entry. I like to say that I’ve done all that I can do as a man without financial independence, so as a consequence, I’m pretty ambitious.

For a living, I assist businesses with their computers, networks, and “information technology”. Finally, I found a marketable skill within myself, that doesn’t require doing stand-up comedy ! (bad stand-up, too)

In the short-term, I wish to diversify my income, and create a better environment for my 2 boys, and I would also like to live in a more village-like setting, even if I resort to making my own.

I wish I could travel around the world, and ask certain individuals questions about themselves and their feelings/opinions/ex periences that I am sure have never been asked of them. I want to absorb the collective wisdom of all who have come before me… and side-step their collective mental noise. Say, is that what Barbara Walters was attempting to do in those infamous interviews? Probably not.

More later…
– Chad