October 2005

So Irwin Schiff has been found guilty of income tax evasion.
I have read much and heard much about whether or not the U.S. income tax was ever properly added to the Federal Government. I still don’t know what to believe.

But more importantly, I believe that the U.S. gov is headed for a similar fate as the USSR. The States will have to take-over when the Fed implodes. Maybe it will be the Deficit. I don’t know.

But about Irwin Schiff:
You see, income tax protestors are sort of like the inflammation surrounding an infection. The Fed is like the bacteria/virus/fungus. The whole income tax debate acts like an early warning symbol that something is terribly wrong with the Fed. Maybe the Protestors act for erroneous reasons… but when they are squashed, the dissent they represent will become like a capped volcano. Their energy will begin to seethe… and I think Irwin Schiff’s case was the last possible “tipping point” for a slow deflation of the Fed. Now that he has lost, the Fed will continue to meet a destructive demise. Yes, I fear a revolution of sorts in America. I doubt that it will be anything remotely resembling anything else that has ever happened. But it will be the beginning of the end of the Fed as we currently know it… and when it is replaced, it will be replaced by a much more concisely limited Fed by a much more specific U.S. Constitution. One which more clearly attempts to thwart any slow buildup of what we presently have. I think I will get to say “I told you so” by about 2010 to 2011. Nashville, however, I believe will always be a place of calmness within the storm.
But, hey, I also used to think that Vegetarian was the only way to eat. Man, was I wrong. Dead, sick, very wrong. So, maybe I will be just as wrong about all the above.

So, Irwin Schiff, thanks for the effort to end the carte blanche cancer of the Fed. You were a peaceful, lawful attempt at governmental self-correction. History is taking a different fork in the road. And it is the road more painfully travelled.

– Chad

By the time I create the category, and log-in to my blog, I seem to lose the energy to write what I was intending to write. I think I’ll just post the little blurb I wrote to a fellow Coast to Coast listener (you know, Art Bell / George Noory):
To Laurie, “Yep, them reptiles. Or, whatever they are. They are like a
“different” species of human, hiding amongst us… they don’t even
know who they are. Just, they aren’t happy unless they are exercising
power over someone’s life other than their own. The low-intelligence
ones are really kinda funny, in a dark humor sort of way. But, I

So, I think you could divide the world into 2 categories:
1.) Those who are content just to manage their own lives
2.) Those who are predisposed to control the lives of others

I think there is a genetic link somewhere to this. I think most indigenous people have a low occurence of the power freaks. Maybe they were killed-off and their gene dominance subsided (Tribes are known to kill those who seem destructive to the tribe, or at least they don’t get much nookie) Someday, I will have this conversation with an anthropologist who can really knows about the differences between native and western cultures.
I feel so stupid writing about this. I feel like I’m trying to paint a masterpiece with an oily rag dipped in watercolors. Maybe more later. Maybe.
– Chad, 10-27-05

“The Death of Nurturing”

By Chad May

In the time when Mother Earth was being neglected by her children,
and yet the Earth has yet to kill her own… the time when
nurturing became analyzed like so many natural resource
commodities traded among Man. Nurturing became equated with a
weak inability to stand on ones’ own two feet. More analyzed than
appreciated; more rare than any precious metal. So widely
desired, yet unattainable, despite its potential presence.
Profoundly human, profoundly animal, but divinity in essence.
Nurturing. It can’t be metered, can’t be weighed, nor assessed.
Only felt, and in no sense of quantity, valued only in its

Nurturing. You might not ever get it. You might die trying to
have it. You might give all of it you ever wish to have had given to
you. Without doubt, though, it is worth dieing for, as life
without it is not truly living. Fuck modern psychology. To hell
with therapy. Did an African bush woman ever become concerned
about giving too much, in the time before Coke came to her
village? Capitalism is all about profiting, ownership, and
ecology of resources, tit-for-tat-plus-10%interest – all of which is the antithesis of
nurturing. Nurturing is about giving, and yet more giving.
Giving with out thought to why, how much, or how long, or how much
more is left. I would rather die due to complications of nurturing, than to stick
around and die of the results of capitalism.

Nurturing is unconditional love in action, with just a hint of the
sparkle of Creations Eye. It takes two for one to feel it. When
it flows from you, it feels just as good as the one to whom it

Perhaps as the Earth slowly dies, so too will the spirit of
nurturing in her star-seeds; the only animals capable of leaving
the planet on Her behalf.

A tadpole turned into a frog one day, and nearly drowned trying to
reach dry land… only to learn that his destiny was to live in
the water, from which he had just escaped. Similarly, a
dysfunctional human learned how not to kill himself, in an attempt
to feel loved, only to learn that he could not do more than simply
exist without flirting with the self-destruction he had just
barely escaped. Spoken like a true Fuser.

To the therapist who wanted me to see my lack of boundaries, I
bet she is successfully wrapped-up with someone as I type this,
but wishing he would reach out and break her boundaries.

It is more a statement of
our times. And, yes, it will be
hard to remain nurturing in the face of the smart love-ecology of our modern


I originally wrote this in 2003, as a result of my frustration to express myself to Jakota. It wasn’t written about her, but we had a conversation on “smart love”.

I went to a poetry reading… once, and a few times even. I went to read, but of course listened, too. It was mostly guys like myself wooing unseen victims with non-rhyming words of love-n-humpin’. Damn, is that how I am, too? Maybe I was hoping that some beautiful woman would hear my heart, my words, and snatch me away from my stinging loneliness. Um, that didn’t happen, and that was in 1993.

I can only conclude that poetry should be defined as “Man’s first attempt at non-violent seduction”.

I have a theory, and as far as I know, it is unigue.
Maybe all animals are as fully conscious as you and I (you are, aren’t you? 🙂 ) by default… and think in sentence structures like ours… but are either unable to vocalize, or simply not interested.
I was listening to Coast to Coast AM (again) in 2003 and a guest was a man who had a fully conversational parrot named Victor. This got me to thinking.
If you want to really listen to something way cool, check-out budgieresearch.com
I hypothesize that animals who show the most communication tendencies could actually be the ones with abnormal brains, the autistics.
Animals could understand us more, but really just don’t give a damn… we are so different that they (I’m running out of will to continue writing this, I’ll need to continue and refine this later)