By the time I create the category, and log-in to my blog, I seem to lose the energy to write what I was intending to write. I think I’ll just post the little blurb I wrote to a fellow Coast to Coast listener (you know, Art Bell / George Noory):
To Laurie, “Yep, them reptiles. Or, whatever they are. They are like a
“different” species of human, hiding amongst us… they don’t even
know who they are. Just, they aren’t happy unless they are exercising
power over someone’s life other than their own. The low-intelligence
ones are really kinda funny, in a dark humor sort of way. But, I

So, I think you could divide the world into 2 categories:
1.) Those who are content just to manage their own lives
2.) Those who are predisposed to control the lives of others

I think there is a genetic link somewhere to this. I think most indigenous people have a low occurence of the power freaks. Maybe they were killed-off and their gene dominance subsided (Tribes are known to kill those who seem destructive to the tribe, or at least they don’t get much nookie) Someday, I will have this conversation with an anthropologist who can really knows about the differences between native and western cultures.
I feel so stupid writing about this. I feel like I’m trying to paint a masterpiece with an oily rag dipped in watercolors. Maybe more later. Maybe.
– Chad, 10-27-05