“Any interpretation of the U.S. Constitution would be better than the violations of it we are currently experiencing”

This came into my head after attending an informal gathering, “Nashville Drinking Liberally”, at The Flying Saucer on Thursday nights (6pm). It was great fun… and yes, some politics too, but nothing in bad taste to any party or political leanings.

Interestingly, I have a hard time encountering anyone capable/willing to ask me questions. From all my dates via online personals ads, I can only remember a few where someone asked me anything about myself; it usually happens that the woman will talk so much about herself, and that I will usually be genuinely interested, that they never learn anything about me. I do try, however, to interject myself into the conversations, but if someone isn’t curious about you, you can’t compensate for that. Or if they are curious, but somehow timid, the same result.

The whole reason I’m saying this at this point is to say that I had more genuine curiosity about things I said in 5 minutes than I had in hours and hours of interraction with women from the personals ads. I think Dawn Kirk would laugh if she read this… She’s told me all along that I’m wasting my time with personals ads, and I don’t exactly agree, but I can see why she would think that, since she has had so many clients “try it”. I’m going to leave my ad up there, just to give fate a helping hand, but I’m not as interested in it anymore. I just need to get out, and see what happens. See what happens, yes. The worst that could happen is that I might actually experience the phenomena of “good conversation”.

– Chad