Those horrible codependent feelings. You know, the ones you have with someone. Or at least had.

Let me validate you a little bit.
The fact that we, as humans, can love broken people… and keep on loving them… and love them more, even when we almost kill ourselves in the process…
I think we are admired thoughout the Universe for this. Can you imagine what we would be like if everyone was somehow “too smart” to try to love a broken person? So, then, who’s to say how much – or how far you should go – to love a broken person? Is there something so much more valuable and lasting for us to do as humans with our time and energy?
Of course, eventually, you get enough of it, and you make the decision to cut that person off. And there is no right or wrong time to do it. You must be happy with how hard you tried, because you will wonder if you tried hard enough. The chances are low… very low… that your love will help the person heal. But it does happen. Rarely. But it does.
Perhaps seeing your love for someone be the rare case of helping such a person, actually makes you think your success might somehow be repeatable. Oops! Kinda like playing the lottery, isn’t it?

Never love a broken person in hopes of having them in your life… not because it isn’t possible for them to become whole. But, because when they do become whole, they will be a different person than the one you fell in love with. Broken – they are someone from their past life, and maybe that is why you feel so strongly for them. Whole – and they become the person they shoud have been all-along, and usually not someone matched to you.

You know, there is a paradox of sorts: Broken people will never heal until they both want to, and someone helps them. But, broken people will never want to heal until they have hurt some number of people who love them. So, we love broken people, and hope that we will be the one in whose time they choose to heal. And of course, some never heal. I can say that the only *real* reason why people heal, is not to be happier or more serene, but to be able to benefit others. Broken people are so amused and entertained by their own drama, that they won’t remove themselves from their drama unless somewhere, deep down inside themselves, they get a bigger kick out of helping other people. That’s my take on the subject.

– Chad